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BUY NOW and PICKUP AT OUR CAGUAS STORE. You can call us at (787)703-1818
BUY NOW and PICKUP AT OUR CAGUAS STORE. You can call us at (787)703-1818

Electronic Photocell 105-285V

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Electronic Photocell 105-285V           MW81

EC Series - Electronic with 2-5 second time delay. State-of-the-art electronic circuitry provides a tighter turn on/turn off ratio that minimizes luminaire burning hours and reduces energy costs. Meets ANSI C136.10 - 1988 Standards.

Utility Grade Locking Type EC Series

Features Description
Housing: UV stabilized high impact polypropylene
Photocell: Standard with silicon sensor. Also available with cadmium sulfide cell
Turn-on: 1 foot-candles
Turn-on/ off Ratio: 1:1.5
Time Delay: 5 seconds
Switch Type: Single-pole, single-throw. Contact position at night normally closed
Temperature Range: -40 Degree to 158 Degree F
Power Consumption: .6 watts average at 120 VAC
Rated Life: 5,000 operations minimum at rated load
Surge Protection: 320 joule MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)
Dimensions: 3.07" diameter x 2.15" high

* Replaces models 8660, 8672 and 8690

EC Series Specification Chart

Precision Model Voltage Rating Price
EC120-AP-TD 120 VAC 1800 VA $14.85
EC240-AP-TD 208-277 VAC 1800 VA $15.50
ECDV-AP-TD 105-285 VAC 1800 VA dual voltage $16.10

Housings are color-coded per ansi spec: 120 V = Grey, 208-277 V = Maroon, 105-285 V = Blue, Photo-Timer = Green (ESC-124DS)

Additional Information

Weight 1 lb.
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 4 in
EC Series EC120-AP-TD, EC240-AP-TD, ECDV-AP-TD