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BUY NOW and PICKUP AT OUR CAGUAS STORE. You can call us at (787)703-1818
BUY NOW and PICKUP AT OUR CAGUAS STORE. You can call us at (787)703-1818

SMD-2C Power Fuse

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ID FUS145   SMD-2C   Spec Sheet

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S&C’s SMD Power Fuses provide reliable, economical protection for transformers and capacitor banks in outdoor substations through 138 kV. They incorporate precision-engineered nondamageable silver or nickel-chrome fusible elements with time-current characteristics that are precise and permanently accurate — assuring not only dependable performance, but also continued reliability of system coordination plans.

With SMD Power Fuses, source-side devices may be set for faster operation than practical with other power fuses or circuit breakers, thereby providing better system protection without compromising coordination.

SMD Power Fuses are offered with maximum continuous current ratings through 300E amperes, in a variety of fault-interrupting ratings. They’re available in a wide range of ampere ratings, in three different speeds: S&C Standard, Slow, and Very Slow. So they can be readily coordinated with protective relays, circuit reclosers, and other fuses. This broad selection of ampere ratings and speeds permits close fusing to achieve maximum protection and optimum coordination.