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BUY NOW and PICKUP AT OUR CAGUAS STORE. You can call us at (787)703-1818
BUY NOW and PICKUP AT OUR CAGUAS STORE. You can call us at (787)703-1818

American Lite Solar Sentinel Series- LED Streetlite 30W

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ID LFD103.14        AL574407    Spec Sheet

The sun comes up every day; that’s the definition of renewable energy. Solar street lighting can be used on highways, roadways, rural roads and neighborhood streets to provide additional security to travelers. Dark streets can be a hazard to pedestrians and vehicle travelers alike. Protecting property, people and assets is one of the key jobs of exterior lighting. Security through lighting has been instrumental to deter crime and improve security to the public, business and residential spaces. Solar LED lighting not only offers better visibility, but also security from brownouts and blackouts. The lights are always there when you need them and can adapt to almost any application without additional trenching or added utility costs. SentinelTM Series “All in One” solar street light was designed to illuminate a wide range of applications for limited budget projects. Turns on when sunlight is ≤ 50 lux, operates @ 100% lumen output, after 15 sec of no motion it turns to 30% lumen output. Its working cycle of 6-8 hours allows to serve efficiently, and recharges in 12 hours. It can operate up to 2 days without full charge. Recommended mounting 4-6m. SentinelTM Series will provide an Irradiation area up to160m2 . LED solar lights require very little maintenance and are easier to install than their wired counterparts. Underground wiring, on-site transformers and electrical enclosures are typically more costly than installing new solar lights. LED technology means that the lamps require fewer replacements, can be controlled and provide significant energy savings over traditional lamps. Solar means there is no electric bill...ever 

A 30w

Fuente de alimentación Battery-powered, Solar-powered
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Color A 30w